Make money by doing makeup

Find out what you can earn as a MUA

and exactly how many clients it takes to cover the course fees.

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Why study at MUAH?

MUAH not only focuses on educating future makeup artists but also helping them in building profitable careers, reaching hundreds of clients whom are looking for talented artists.

Earn more as a MUA

Be in charge of your schedule, price, availability and how you can be a part of your client's biggest day. 

Be your own boss

Most people don't plan to be a boss but as a freelance makeup artist "you" are the boss! Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life!

Make money by doing makeup

How to be a freelancer?

Getting the first client may be the hardest thing to do as a newbie in the industry but at MUAH, you will get a head start as we have a team of makeup artists that will recommend you your first job. Nailing the first client and more clients after that will build your freelancing career as a successful makeup artist.

Learn more than just makeup

At MUAH you will learn more than just makeup. MUAH will help you in building your career as a makeup artist. You will be guided on pricing, how to reach potential clients, start off your career with clients recommended by MUAH and be featured on MUAH's social media.

Be a MUA from MUAH

At MUAH, students are taught on how to work with various facial features, makeup artist etiquette and choosing suitable products for different skin types as well as business skills as an artist.

MUAH Course Benefits

Learn in a friendly environment

Being in class again, making new friends and playing with makeup. Does this sound like a dream? At MUAH, having fun and learning goes hand in hand.

Get a head start in your career

After graduating, you will be a part of the MUAH team which consists of hundreds of MUAH graduates. Get job recommendations on the daily and hone your skills even after graduating.

Trained by pros in the industry

You will be trained by practising makeup artists, which means you learn from their real life experiences and their updated techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is the Certification course?
What will I learn in a Certification course?
Will I learn hairstyling as well?

Find out what you can earn as a MUA

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Interested in Learning Makeup Artistry?

Are you considering earning a side income as a freelance makeup artist?
Get more than just classroom education at MUAH and join a team of active graduates and seasoned artists in the MUAH Team.

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